Mar 2, '20 5:06 PM

Adil A Langoo

Branding is all about visibility. Since you already went through all the troubles to organize an event, developing a strong brand for your event can help build credibility, loyalty, recognition, and support. It helps attendees buy into your brand promise and allows them to feel they are making a statement about themselves by their very participation. Effective branding is important to carve out a strong identity for your event and to showcase your key sponsors and partners. We’ll introduce...

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The Significance of MICE Industry

The Significance of MICE Industry

Feb 4, '20 12:31 PM
Management Evenzhub

MICE is a US$ 680 Billion Industry and a major contributor to economic prosperity, creating employment.Today according to WTM 52 % of the World travels under the MICE segmentMICE generates high-value ...