20 Useful Event Industry Blogs that are Worth it.

20 Useful Event Industry Blogs that are Worth it.

Jun 24, '19 12:01 PM

Adil A Langoo


We have developed an unique and useful list of great resources that one should read to stay on top of the event industry. Get in-depth knowledge of various trends, event agencies, event association, marketing campaigns, experimental technologies, activations and much more of the event industry.

Although Evenzhub is itself a great resource of all latest and greatest that is happening in the event industry we still have developed a great and unique list for you to get a one-stop list for all the top-notch resources in the event industry. There are over 1 billion blogs in the world, which means 1 blog per 7 people. As it is evident that there are various excellent resources and so are useless and trash content producing blogs. So, we have done exhaustive research to give you some of the best in industry. Without making the wait any further, here we go with our list.

 1. Bizzabo 

The Bizzabo Blog has been listed by Capterra as the number one event planning resource for organizers, let alone the best blog. We publish carefully crafted content multiple times a week in order to keep our readers on the cutting edge. In addition to creating content for event organizers, Bizzabo also built award-winning event registration software that allows users to plan all aspects of an event in one place.

2. Endless Events

For some of the best industry tips and tricks, check out the Endless Entertainment blog. Articles are written to help event planners be better at their jobs, provide them with inspiring event production ideas and highlight best practices from all over the event planning industry. Articles featured on Endless Entertainment is definitely worth a read.

3. BizBash

BizBash is one of our favorite outlets for inspiration! Get creative ideas for your next conference and see what is trendy in the event world while getting the scoop on where and what the leading event professionals are coming up with. 

4. Event Manager Blog

This the blog is only the holy grail of all things events (no big deal). From event management software reviews to social media, Julius and his team cover all their bases. Plus they always have a fun, new take on event ideas. Don’t miss these posts!

5. Event Marketer

Event Marketer's content tackles all things of face-to-face marketing. While their main focuses are the event and trade show industry, they also report on mobile marketing, mall marketing, street events, buzz marketing, and b

6. Hubilo

Hubilo is one of the best event software resources that are available in India. They cover a wide range of topics in the event industry with updates and new blogs produced at regular intervals. They have evolved into a key player in the event industry in India.

7. Conferences That Work

This is another great source for tips on how to create memorable events. Adrian Segar, one of our favorite event professionals, writes this blog and we think it is a must-read for first-timers and conference planning pros alike. 

8. Smart Meetings

Find a Speaker or an event, search a venue or read tons of industry news. This is a one-stop shop for conference planners. They know their stuff and luckily they love to share it! Make sure you take a peek at what they preach. 

9. Event Industry News

All the conference news you could possibly want can be found on this blog. If you crave it, they write it. You can find event everything here and it will keep you updated on important industry news and updates.

10. PlannerWire

Event everything! Event professional Keith Johnson brings you event planning, event marketing, and event technology. He is an expert in the conference arena and shares great advice and news. Mark this as a must read ASAP!

11. MeetingsNet

No matter what industry you are in, MeetingsNet has resources for any professional organizing an event or meeting. From corporate to medical fields, this blog will offer great tips, designs, and planning ideas. A great resource for all!

12. Gallus Events

Our man William Gallus, a top guy in the event industry, also writes a blog, where he shares the insights and knowledge he has gained over the years. There is always something to learn from his posts, so keep an eye out for his latest stuff. 

13. International Meetings Review

From coast to coast, or better yet, continent to continent, this blog will give you the latest event news tailored to anywhere in the world. Find out what is most prevalent in your own backyard, but the grass may actually be greener in your neighboring country. Stay worldly and don’t miss out on this content.

 14. Successful Meetings

In addition to hosting a series of great events for event organizers, Successful Meetings regularly covers things that event organizers hold dear. From event venue ideas to reviews of event technology, this is a blog worth checking out if you want to stay up-to-date on industry best practices.

15. Plan Your Meetings

This blog has all sorts of helpful resources to aid you in the event planning the process such as booking hotels and getting planning assistance from experts. If you're a first-time planner or need some assistance along the way, turn to Plan Your Meetings for ideas and helpful hints!

16. Because Creative Experiences

Because Creative Experiences has won awards for its articles on events and event planning from all over the world. You can sort their catalog of resources based on country or industry, which is especially helpful if you're planning an event at an international location you haven't used before! 

17. Creative Guerrilla Marketing

Creative Guerrilla Marketing is your one-stop shop for all things guerrilla marketing. They report on real-world event examples, breaking down viral ads and explaining exactly how they did it and why it worked. 

18. Social Exposure

Social Exposure's got you covered for all things related to and about experiential marketing. Their latest articles cover topics like how to host a brand activation event and how to measure its success. 

19. Ad Age

If you're looking for inspirational experiential marketing examples and in-depth thought pieces on this in-person marketing channel, AdAge has plenty of resources for you to sort through.

20. Tigris Events Inc. 

Tigris Events Inc. created this blog to help marketers increase profits at a much faster pace than before. They break down event costs, best events by city, and event planning details like trade show booth design.