5 Ways to Brand Events in New Decade

5 Ways to Brand Events in New Decade

Mar 2, '20 5:06 PM

Adil A Langoo


Branding is all about visibility. Since you already went through all the troubles to organize an event, developing a strong brand for your event can help build credibility, loyalty, recognition, and support. It helps attendees buy into your brand promise and allows them to feel they are making a statement about themselves by their very participation. Effective branding is important to carve out a strong identity for your event and to showcase your key sponsors and partners. We’ll introduce five ideas that go beyond the typical branding that every event planner is already familiar with.

 Digital Signage’s

Events are where the magic happens, so it’s only natural that the branding should happen there too. It’s cheaper to just place a banner or poster on the wall, but digital signage just looks so much cooler and high-tech. plus, you can swap out logos and messages as you see fit. Place digital signage’s throughout the venue.

Virtual Reality

VR is no longer a fad or a technology only foreseeable in the distant future. VR headsets like Oculus Go and HTC Vive, are used successfully in the events industry to provide rich and interactive experiences to attendees. Virtual reality is ideal for showcasing a concept product or giving attendees a view of what goes on behind the scenes. Sponsors can leverage the power of VR to create an immersive product demo or to showcase their services in a nicely designed video package. This use of technology is sure to pique the interest of attendees.

Visual Content

With industries becoming more competitive, you need to go beyond the conventional norms of corporate branding. Don’t be afraid to explore strategies outside the box. Often, this will get guests’ attention due to the novelty alone. Discover what content commands the most engagement on each of your social media platforms against each of the themes, objectives and key moments included on your content calendar. There are a number of ways you can share visual content at your event. One way is through digital signage or via social media wall. You can also inscribe short tweets or testimonials in the last page or back of your scheduler. You can also get more creative and inscribe a post on the wall using wall decal stickers. Be sure you have permission before displaying the content.

Social Media

Social media may or may not be part of your brand, but if it is, there are several things to keep in mind. Having an event hashtag will make it easier for people to talk about your event while having a handle or page will make it easier for people to learn about your event. With a small investment, you can target and boost some core branded messaging about your event to the specific audience of your choice, by having a designed post appear on their LinkedIn or Facebook newsfeeds. You can also set up sponsored tweets or Instagram posts depending on where your audience exists.

Event Apps

Today, event apps are big. According to a study conducted by Event Manager Blog, over 40% of event planners use event apps. In a more recent study that we conducted, over 80% of the participants that we polled said that they use an event app for their event strategy. Attendees not only actively seek-out an event’s app, but they also expect every event to have a mobile event app that features both rich content and branded functionality that will enhance their attendee experience. Engagement is the ultimate goal of any mobile event app. A successful app is one that encourages in-app engagements, which drive in-person actions such as attendee networking, session interactions, or an increase in future event registrations, revenue or other important ROI metrics.


Even if you are working with a small event budget, one or more of these ideas should hopefully be achievable for easy, affordable branding options for your event.