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Connect to Evenzub for full event production services. Be assured of quality onsite setup for your esteemed event!

The onsite setup of an event is the real view of the event which your participants visualize in their minds before they come to attend the event. They come with a high expectation and therefore it becomes very trunky important to meet their expectations.

The event production team at Evenzhub is having a collective experience of over 20 years in excellent onsite setup and production service delivery. From concept through to installation, we bring to you a wide range of onsite event production services for elegant and visual event setup.

You can pick and choose your requirements from a wide range of products and services listed here-

Event Stage
Floor Plan and Production
Exhibition Stalls
Event Backdrop
Event Standees
Welcome Signage
Event Brandings
Event Furniture
Interactive Walls
Hanger Structure
Queue Poles
Event Decoration
Genset and Wiring
Event Dinner Outdoor Setup
Event Registration Counters
Horticulture and Plants
Customized Exhibition Stall Design
Customized Fabrication

So, whenever you think about Event Production Services, think about Evenzhub!

Key Features

  • Production services delivered by decades old experienced production houses and agencies.
  • Preparing a detailed onsite setup plan along with visuals and creatives to anticipate the actual look and feel of the setup.
  • Handling complete onsite setup including managing crisis and appropriate standards and government norms..
  • Direct coordination and mobilisation material and resources to meet any sudden or extra requirements.
  • Venue coordination and management.
  • Ensure timely completion of activities and milestones planned.
  • End to end coordination and followup.
  • Giving valuable advice and consultancy on regular basis.
  • Cost effective and efficient service

Delivery Process

  • Understanding your event and its requirements
  • Preparing onsite setup plan and resource mobilization
  • Procuring or intimating the client about the due permissions and venue compliances
  • Ensure the delivery as per the plan
  • Handover of the setup appropriately

Requirement from the client side

  • Conference/Event details
  • Floor Plan and Venue areas booked by the client
  • Schedule of activities
  • Organiser’s details and address
  • Important contact and coordinate points

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