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The Perfection in Language Translation for Meeting and Conferences

Ultimate Comfort in Digital Language Distribution using advanced digital technology for a superior listening experience.

Whether you are planning a large conference or a small meeting, you need a reliable conference and meeting interpretation service you can trust. We provide professional simultaneous interpretation services to all levels of conferences and meetings across the country.

Multilingual accessibility has increased in popularity since the workforce has become more diverse. Communicating with clients, partners, and targeted audiences is paramount to building a recognizable brand and industry presence.

Our interpreters are professionally trained and versed in all major international languages and our equipment’s are word class with seamless integration. Hiring a great translation service give attendees the support and resources they need to come back year after year. Once you have repeat attendees, you can be sure that your event will gain an international reputation.

We provide the following Translation Services –

  • Simultaneous Interpretation System
  • Human Interpreters
  • Interpretation Booth Systems
  • Operators
  • Equipment’s
  • Technical Specifications
  • Strategic Planning for Interpretation

So, whenever you think about Language Translation Service for Meetings, think about Evenzhub!

Delivery Process

  • Soundproof Simultaneous Interpretation Booth Systems
  • Secure infrared distribution. No interference from lighting
  • User friendly selection of up to 32 channels
  • Superior Sound Quality
  • Seamless integration with Bosch’s DCN Conference Systems
  • First rate, reliable equipment’s like Receiver, Transmitter, Headphones, Radiator etc.
  • End to end coordination and follow-up
  • Ensure timely completion of setup
  • Cost effective and efficient service

Delivery Process

  • Understanding your event and its requirements
  • Planning on the language selection and interpreters
  • Deciding on expected number of attendees requiring translation
  • Preparing installation schedule
  • Onsite setup and testing
  • Service Delivered, interpretation in working

Requirement from the client side

  • Conference/Meeting details
  • Organiser’s details and address
  • Details of Language requirement for translation
  • Profiles of international attendees
  • Important contact and coordinate points

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