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Amplify your event attendance and revenue through effective Media and PR Strategy from Evenzhub!

We strategically assist conference and event organisers with promotion, publicity and communication around their events. Our PR and Media solutions implement tactics that promotes events, shares news and handles band building. The more your event is covered by any media, be it print, electronic or digital, more you will get in terms of visibility converted into target attendees and sponsors.

We provide several PR and Media Solutions listed here as follows –

Media Relations Media Relations
PR Strategy PR Strategy
Reputation Management and Branding Reputation Management and Branding
Strategic Planning and Intelligence
Press Release Press Release
Digital Promotion Digital Promotion
Narrative Building Narrative Building
Press Conference Press Conference
Spokes Person and Profiling Spokes Person and Profiling
Proactive Themes Proactive Themes
Storytelling Storytelling
Content Writing Content Writing
Online Community Management Online Community Management
Tailored Massaging Tailored Massaging
Crisis Management Crisis Management
Industry News Coverage Industry News Coverage

So, whenever you think about Event PR & Media Services, think about Evenzhub!

Key Features of our PR & Media Solutions

  • Expert Media and PR Teams having long and rigorous experience of handing PR and Media for Events, Conferences and Educational Programs.
  • Handling Complete narrative and brand building process focused on event outcome goals.
  • Direct coordination and mobilisation of print and media people for your event.
  • End to end coordination and followup.
  • Regular communication and updates.
  • Ensure timely completion of activities and milestones planned.
  • Giving valuable advice and consultancy on regular basis.

Delivery Process

  • Understanding of the requirements
  • Strategizing the niche and tapping plan
  • Planning on the content and creative designs
  • Deciding on expected number of converge or visibility action points
  • Preparing a PR Schedule with timelines
  • Posting the content and delivering press release to the point of action (in the media house) .
  • Followups and status update
  • Ensure the delivery as per the plan

Requirement from the client side

  • Conference/Event details
  • Organiser’s details and address
  • Brochures and documents related to necessary enclosures
  • Important contact and coordinate points

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